06 January 2012

The Odds Are Against You

Tired of hearing about my action movie-styled roleplaying game yet?


I'm almost done with the .PDF and all it needs now is some playtesting. In a couple of days (once I finish some work I've been putting off, heh heh, this client is a damn saint) I'm going to post the preliminary rules and try to get some gaming done. If I can't get my real-life group to throw me a bone, I'll get an online group to do it over IRC or Skype or something with a quick one-shot. Everything will be tested pretty much at once- the legibility of the PDF, my writing style, my sample adventure, the system, EVERYTHING.

It's like a crash course playtest.

When that playtest is done, I'll do it again. And then again. Three playtests is probably fine.

It's designed to be made of one-shots anyways, so it's not like I have to have people playing it multiple times over a series of years to make sure that it's got an enduring thing going on. It's the sort of system where I can be like "dudes, I'm bored, play this game with me" and we'll be able to blow an hour or two talking about stuff and pretending to have imaginary people shoot other imaginary people in the skull while jumping off buildings and then piloting helicopters directly into buildings SHIT YEAH.

My sample mission is going to be stopping a Russian arms dealer from giving pro-Communist South American rebels a massive upgrade in firepower. If you can't tell, it's sort of set in a "what if the Cold War never really ended and instead the proxy wars in third world countries kept on a-going" metasetting that's not really meant to be a setting per se as much as an excuse to use all of recent history's best "bad guys" in a sweet bad guy mashup.

If you can't tell, I'm excited about my project and am very much having a good time thinking about it. It's one-half of the reason I haven't really been writing much on this very fantasy-oriented blog. The other half being real-life time constraints, which have a certain way of slamming us into submission and crushing our writing wills. Or is that just me?

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