30 July 2013

D&D IV Post Mortem

Me before, after, and during a game of 4e
So I dropped my 4e game in favor of playing Dark Heresy. As promised, I'd like to talk about a couple of reasons that, while 4e is undoubtedly a very expansive and finely-tuned role-playing system with a very different combat resolution system, the rest is, well, bad.

Let me get it all off my chest.

This is going to be a five post series instead of the one post I planned for it to be, because it's super long and nobody would read it all if it was that long. So enjoy, and please remember to take a drink every time I say something you disagree with and then tell me why I'm wrong. This is the first game I've ever honestly 100% wanted to like and ended up being totally dissatisfied with, and would love to be proven wrong.

Without further stalling, here it is.

Ten Things I Hated About 4e

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29 July 2013


These are the only two comics I have of this.

I would like to know where the rest are, as well.

27 July 2013


I haven't been very active recently (my D&D 4e game kind of collapsed, and I'll tell you why later), so here's a neat comic to make up for it.

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07 July 2013

A Slight Push, And A Session Recap

I feel as though I am starting to get the hang of 4th edition D&D.

Maybe I'm a slow learner, or maybe it's just been a very long time since I've played with people who are, in fact, not myself, my family, or my close friend, but it feels like every time I play, more things click together. Who knows? Maybe by my tenth session I'll actually know what I'm doing?

Anyways, though, what I wanted to talk about was the session.

Looking Back

They say that if you don't look back at who who were from a year ago and cringe that you haven't grown enough. What if I look back f...