10 October 2015

Hireling Generator

Since I had so much fun with my magic item generator, I decided to do a Hireling Generator next. It's a little more robust than the magic item generator, mostly because it's easier to think of things about human beings than it is to think of magical effects and stuff.

Here's a sample of some results:

A short female thief from the mountain town stands before you, with a poor quality shovel and an unremarkable suit of cloth armor. The hireling is focused and has enormous eyes.
A average-sized female ranger from the pleasant plateau stands before you, with an unremarkable pitchfork and a sack of vegetables. The hireling is unfocused and has a habit of chewing their fingernails.
A broad-shouldered androgynous townsperson from the sunny mountains stands before you, with a brand new spear and a dark tabard. The hireling is unfocused and has a thick foreign accent.

The basic idea is, as most generators, that you'll tweak what you get a little to make it fit into your game. As always, let me know what you think and if you use it for anything!

08 October 2015

Magic Item Generator

I made a magic item generator this morning.

Here's a sample of its output:

This is an average cleaver, decorated with a triangular horse. It turns towards goblins. It detects lies.
This is a small axe, decorated with a gaudy human face. It is made entirely of earth. It will never dull.
This is an average shield, decorated with a gleaming wings. It vibrates subtly. It glows when the command word is spoken.

There are a couple of categories that are just the tiniest bit bare, so I'll be coming back to this and adding more as it occurs to me. But it's fully usable now as it is, so click on it a few times, offer me some feedback, and enjoy!

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