17 October 2012

The Raspian Console

Me and the wife- although neither of us are long-haired or quite that pale

Nothing especially interesting to say today- been spending most of my mental energy either trying to teach myself how microcontrollers work (something I have literally no experience with) or trying to figure out how to hack together a Raspberry Pi into a portable emulation station.

The second one is going better, obviously. Once I get my hands on the Pi itself, all I have to do after that is pick up a USB hub and then get moving. The final version, I think, will have a couple more features that aren't really necessary, like a discreet on/off switch and an LED, some converters that'll let you plug some fairly ancient controllers into it, and maybe a couple boot loaders that run the emulator from the moment you turn the "console" on; but that's in the future. As it stands, I'll just be happy if I can get the Pi to run in the setup I'm thinking of. I'm not at all certain of the compatibility of Debian (the default Raspbian OS) with the PS3 drivers, but c'est la vie, and I'm sure I can make something work.

But this is all extremely uninteresting, I'm certain, unless you're one of the people that'll be playing my emu-box. ;)

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