02 October 2012


I know that this isn't really a "thief" per se, since it's really just the Princess dressed up and, unless I'm mistaken, she was just giving an apple to some kid because she's not used to having to actually pay for stuff but that's not really how it looks.

I don't have anywhere to go with this picture. I just love Aladdin.

What's interesting to me is that not too long ago, Middle Easterners were viewed a lot more positively. It used to be just a brown skinned dude with a fez or a turban, and they were considered polite, if not perhaps a little odd by European and American standards, but in the media going forwards from what, the 80s or so? Suddenly Middle Eastern culture is portrayed a lot more negatively, with the Crusades being played up, ancient Persia being bad guys somehow, and now the entire region is filled with religious fanatics, assholes, and generally unpleasant people.

I don't mean to get into psuedo-political posts (not my style, really), just a thought inspired by a good movie.

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