30 October 2012

Mechwarrior Online

Free Beer always tastes the best.
One of my driving passions in life is currently, and has always been, free shit. I can't help it- growing up, most of my accessible income wasn't directed towards video games, which meant that I either needed to get the game for free, or make it myself. And even now, when I have a bit more disposable income than I did when I was but a wee sprat, I can't help it. If the game's got "FREE" written in gigantic letters, I at least know about it. I make rounds on gaming websites, and keep my ear to the ground to hear about the next big thing in gaming.

This time, I've actually been waiting for this game for a while. I'm talking about Mechwarrior Online.

Now I'm not a big Mechwarrior fan, although I've heard snippets about Clans and Inner Spheres and people arguing about the old designs versus the new designs and whatever else Mechwarrior fans like to argue about, and I even had a friend who bought a Mechwarrior book and the two or three of us had sat and puzzled over what, exactly, was the nature of the game we had in front of us- but I'm hardly an expert.

For example, I can assume this is a "catapult" because that's what the image was called when I downloaded it.

I'm just excited that here is a game that's a) free, b) about giant robots, and c) team-based. I've been looking for a new game to play with my friends for a while now, and Mechwarrior Online could be it, assuming that its system requirements aren't such that I'd practically need a brand new computer to run it.

Well, here's to hoping, anyways.

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