09 February 2010

Hammerers of Karak Dal Zharr

There were only five. Five guardsmen sent to the disgraced thane. The eldest among them, a longbeard named simply Dokari, or, One who Watches, nearly sent himself into the slayer oath, and may have succeeded were it not for the wise words from his King. 
"Serve me by serving him, as you are my finest of Hammerers and will return him to honor."
Dokari shook his head. This wasn't how it was in the old days, when young Thanes the likes of Bormin weren't celebrated, but exiled. There were some things you can't understand, even when it's your King telling you what to do. 

I'm almost done with my unit of Hammerers. It's easier than I thought, though my results are hardly impressive. It's my first time painting metal, and my usual brush doesn't work quite as well as it does on plastic.

You see, I use a spotter instead of a regular brush. I used to use a 10/0 as my go-to brush, but when that bristled out on me, I was left with a longer-bristled detail brush, some larger things, and the spotter. The spotter's really useful; my fingers are long and spindly already, and a brush with long bristles means that my hands are farther away from the figure than I like. I like to get my fingers as close as possible- it helps my hands to steady and makes me mess up less.

But the spotter's short, stiff bristles react oddly to the metal, meaning that it's back to the lower-quality brushes that are lying around.

Back to the Hammerers. I know they're not done, but I'm too excited about them. They're good-quality models, and they look nice in a formation, even the small five-man squad they're currently in. They're probably a bit small to be a good anvil unit, but they've got great weapons and might make for a tenacious hammer or countercharge.

Anyways, there they are!

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