28 March 2012

Rodiel: Sorcerers

Sorcerers, as you'd know if you were listening to anything I'd written beforehand, are weak, twisted, and a little insane. The practice and study of magic is inherently perilous for the races of men, but the ambitious seek any source of power they can.

Sorcerers can have any other background and any other trait, but are identified by their unique Magic rating. Tracked separately from the other four statistics, Magic is inversely calculated from the sum of the other attributes- Sorcerers are either the pathetic wretches that were called to the obscene arts and are little more than servants, or driven individuals who are more than willing to lose their own sanity to gain dominion over others.

Regardless, there are a number of sorcerous disciplines available to players. A few examples follow.

BOOK OF DEATH: You know the forgotten lore of Black Quaanesh, a grim demon of the South Seas. You may call upon your patron in exchange for the souls of those you have ensorcelled. In a pinch, your own soul may be bargained for as well. Your magic is powerful for cursing your foes and blasting their minds to a stupor.

BONECHEWER: You are no sorcerer of the black depths, but a respected shaman of the Grey Gods. Your powers are useful for mending wounds and broken bones and for removing venoms, but precious little else. You require your fetishes and focii to work magic, and are useless without them.

CONJURATION OF LENSH: Your talents tend towards the conjuration of spirits instead of the crude will-work of others. You have a power that has a blood-debt to you that you may call upon more often than others, but for the rest of the spirits, you must strike a fresh bargain each and every time. Each deal is more dear than the last, so an intelligent conjurer is judicious with his powers.

ELEMENTALIST: Yours are the powers of the sky, the sea, and the great mountains to which you are bound. By imparting a measure of your soul into the magics you weave, you are capable of affecting the raw stuff of that around you. For each element you have bound to you, you must obey stringent rites that maintain your purity in the eyes of the elemental spirits that have granted your powers.

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