08 March 2012


I've been consuming, rather than creating, media recently, which is why I haven't been saying much of anything. I haven't been gaming, which means I haven't been thinking about gaming, which means that I haven't been writing about gaming. It's a vicious circle, because when I'm not thinking or writing about something, it means that I don't want to do it since I really just want to have something to think or write about. It's an ouroboros of delight.

What I really want to write is almost a minigame of dungeon crawling, kind of like Descent meets OD&D meets a tournament module, where I write a thing and say "This is how you win," give a reason why the players know it, put some obstacles in the way, and then let them at it. The fancy-pantsy art roleplayer gets too much praise. If you want to explore the psyche of the human unconciousness or whatever the hell you're doing, go for it, but do it on your own time, please. I've got different things to do with my Saturday evening than play improv games with your theatre troupe.


  1. I know this isn't exactly what you mean, but I came up with a little abstract dungeon crawler played with d6s.


  2. "We explore dungeons, not characters." -- Evreaux from Dragonsfoot


D&D is a game about resources

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