17 May 2011

Organizing your RPG: Rob Lang's Helpful Primer

This is as much for you as for me.

Rob Lang is a cool guy. His blog is always good reading, the 1KM1KT site is full of interesting reading, and, the reason I'm making this post, his guide on organizing your free RPG is beautiful, handy, hilarious, and extremely useful. I'm working on the basic skeleton of a free game (called, tentatively, SKELETON PUNCHER, and yes, the Caps Lock is part of the name) and it's been an immense help. I'm sure you've heard of it, and I'm sure you've used it before, but this link is half for me and half for anybody that hasn't seen this before.

It's an awesome link. If you haven't looked it yet, look at it now. It's awesome.

EDIT: In my own bone-headedness brought on by a severe lack of caffeine, I neglected to include the actual link. It's there now.


  1. It's a life saver! I used it for my 24 hour RPG entry, and it helped organise my thoughts really good.

  2. I just want to go on the record as saying that I am in heartily in favor of punching skeletons.

  3. I am thrilled that you found my post useful. I spurs me on to write the end-to-end guide to writing a free RPG.

    And I too am in favour of CAPS and punching skeletons.


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