18 May 2011

It's Not That I'm Up Early

It's that I haven't gone to bed yet.

There's something both magical and appealing about being awake when nobody else in the world is (except for my buddy who's been playing League of Legends on my computer [with my blessing, mind you] for the past like six hours). The sun's going to rise soon, and I'll probably go out into the uncommonly bitter cold and look at it, and then shuffle back inside. Seriously, it's like 50 out there, when summer's supposed to be starting. This time last year, I'll be damned if it wasn't 80 degrees all day long, and humid to boot. 

I don't really mind, I suppose, it could always be worse.

In related news, I'm still working on SKELETON PUNCHER. I know I've started and stopped more games than I've finished over the couple of years, but every time I do so, I learn something. Everything you produce, you learn from. Writing AA taught me how to make a layout that isn't cancer on the eyes (even if the content isn't so great), writing modules taught me how to keep to a theme, and writing games teaches me exactly what I do and do not like about any contemporary game that exists today. Maybe someday there'll be a list, and maybe not. 

Why this text is centered is a mystery for the ages.

Why nothing of consequence has been posted here in ages is a mystery for right now.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, I'm living your headline. But I'm going to bed now. Nothing like two hours of sleep before getting up for work.


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