21 May 2011

The End of the World

You'd be surprised how long it took to Google an image
that wasn't either a meteor or that stupid REM song.

So today's supposed to be the end of the world. Yeah, hey, whatever. Like I told my buddy, I'm already doing pretty much what I'd like to be doing. It can end if it likes to. I'd rather it didn't, but very few people consult me when it comes to the end of the world.

This reminds me: One of my favorite personalities in any given game is the doomsday prophet. There's always something fun about including the absolutely mad and loud and angry in one's fantasy world. Nothing says, "Welcome to Grensvale!" like a bearded, be-ragged man screaming about the end of the word and trying to grab on to the player characters. Very few people are comfortable with it, and lots of shoving and ignoring happens.

Where I used to walk around at in Atlanta, there was this fat, bearded guy with a sandwich board sign that, no shit, said that we were all going to hell, and he'd stand on the street corner and bellow it at us. I can only imagine he was retired, because that's no way to make a living. What, you're gonna get some tips for standing on a street corner and insulting us as we walk by? Good luck with that, fat sunglasses guy.

I get more mileage out of it with Warhammer, naturally, but it sees a good bit of play in any game where the players are running around in an "urban" environment place. As gloomy as it sounds, doomsday cults are a lot of fun- you get to fight people who are devoted and fanatical and have some sort of dark plot who are trying to end the world via [DEITY X], usually through some sort of violence or murder. They're obviously assholes, so it's ok to kill them, and you get to sort of save the world, even though most of the shit they believe is either made up or stupid. "You mean to tell me that Golb-Halskoon spoke to your leader, yeah, the guy in the red mask, sure... Anyways, he told him to kill the mayor and sacrifice a hundred babies? Looks like it's time for Caledfwlch to get its slice on."

Also apparently it's only the rapture that's supposed to be taking place today. Guess I'll get comfy and try to enjoy the world now that 75% of the world's population of douchebags isn't going to be on my roads, or eating my hamburgers or whatever. We'll only have the world to ourselves till October, but hey, better than nothing.

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