07 July 2010

Weapon Sizes and Damage

As a compromise between oD&D's weapons all dealing a single d6 and the (in my mind) unnecessary complexity of giving each and every weapon a statistic, weight, cost, and price, I've decided on a good compromise.

Each category of weapon has a single unique damage die:

Throwing: 1d4
Bow: 1d6
One-Handed Weapon: 1d8
Two-Handed Weapon: 1d12

Blunt weapons, such as must be used by clerics, are one die size smaller, except the throwing weapon, which would be 1d4-1 damage. This is to counteract blunt weapons' other useful properties, and to help reconcile the clerics' weapon limitations in a fairly simplistic system.

This gives a uniform damage type and serves to differentiate the weapon types without worrying about whether to get a Battle Axe or a Two-Handed Sword, and whether a Pole Axe is better than a Spear. Weapon versus weapon discussions are boring and limit player choice where there is no real reason to. In addition, it means that a busy DM has one less table to try and memorize when stocking his Dungeon of Dangerous Depths, and that players aren't penalized for attempting to play a scimitar-wielding Dervish instead of a Polearm and Bastard sword-wielding generic Fighter.

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