09 April 2010

The Secret of Steel: Playtesting Now!

The Secret of Steel is almost complete. It's only missing a couple sections, and it'll be entirely complete. It's currently in playtesting, which means that my local group is going to give it a shot. I've got high hopes for it, and am really excited. Finally, all of my thoughts and ideas about games are set all into one game. I'll describe it in more detail after the jump.
As I was saying, I really like the way Secret of Steel works. I've only been able to get as far as the combat example I was giving them before our session was abruptly and unusually interrupted, I still liked how brief and simple the combat was. Roll dice, compare to attribute. Sounds boring, but I think the way TSoS does it is pretty good. Hopefully it can go somewhere; I'd hate to think that it went nowhere and did nothing.

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