10 October 2015

Hireling Generator

Since I had so much fun with my magic item generator, I decided to do a Hireling Generator next. It's a little more robust than the magic item generator, mostly because it's easier to think of things about human beings than it is to think of magical effects and stuff.

Here's a sample of some results:

A short female thief from the mountain town stands before you, with a poor quality shovel and an unremarkable suit of cloth armor. The hireling is focused and has enormous eyes.
A average-sized female ranger from the pleasant plateau stands before you, with an unremarkable pitchfork and a sack of vegetables. The hireling is unfocused and has a habit of chewing their fingernails.
A broad-shouldered androgynous townsperson from the sunny mountains stands before you, with a brand new spear and a dark tabard. The hireling is unfocused and has a thick foreign accent.

The basic idea is, as most generators, that you'll tweak what you get a little to make it fit into your game. As always, let me know what you think and if you use it for anything!

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