15 November 2012


Today's word of the day, according to Dictionary.com, is dovetail. I love the word; it's what happens when you fit something perfectly inside another thing. Is there anything more satisfying than doing something really, really well and having it fit flawlessly inside another thing, like a dovetail joint? If there is, I'm not sure what it would even be.

You may also be pleased to know that I'm working on a tweak of my Rodiel system. I know, nobody cares. Except for me! And some of my friends! So what does that mean?

It means that I'm, actually, almost done with the martial classes, which means that the magical classes will be done also. It works kind of exactly like how I'd always wanted classes to go, and it's based on not only my own ideas, but also the feedback from my various groups over the years and exactly how I'd always wanted things to work. For example: There are only two base classes: Warrior and Sorcerer. They change whether you act like a fighting man (by fighting better and having more armor) or a magic user (by letting you cast spells and sense magic intuitively). But that's not all. You can also subclass as quickly as level two, if you want. Subclasses are shorter but have unique benefits- for example, Barbarians are better in the rough wildernesses because they don't have to eat or drink as much. Rangers have an animal companion granted them. Paladins can cast healing spells in armor. And so forth. It all dovetails in.

If you didn't get the idea, it's the most heartbreaking of heartbreakers possible, and I have no regrets. It's fun, and it lets me get some of the sillier ideas out of my head before I get back to work on the Odds are Against You, which really just needs to be fleshed out before I print something usable out of it.

As an aside: You might be wondering how Gwyn, of the inestimable Dark Souls, is relevant. Gwyn is always relevant, especially in a game that's shaping up to have a bit of setting influence from that game. You'll see.

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