24 August 2011

No Idea Where to Go

The Monthly Module project is a little rough, seeing as how what I've managed to put together so far doesn't have any momentum. I mean that in the most neutral sense possible- it's like a vignette of a world, a quick sense of a place and time that the players can stumble across.

It's certainly not a "Tomb of Horrors" sort of deal- it's more of a "Isle of Dread" sort of deal. The people are laid out, the situation is there, so what do you do? There's no real prodding in one direction as opposed to the other, and rather a lot is left up to individual DMs- by necessity as well as design, as the module is no more than 5 pages long, including the title page. It's a short, quick, and dirty introduction to a scene that could serve as a springboard for other adventures, considering that it's populated with intelligent, ambitious men who need either be stopped or joined. And there's really no bias one way or the other, unless you personally like one side better and try and sway the PCs over to your side subtly.

But I guess that's what I'm after anyways with this sort of thing.

Has this been a really long month for anybody else?

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