14 August 2011

Stumbling Block

The module I was writing has stumbled a bit while I got inspired in a totally random direction by my brother. I think it might take all of my focus to finish what I've already started, even if I don't like it as much as the other one I could design.

The thing that's really cool about trying to do a 1-month module is that it really limits the sorts of things you can do. You can't get all grandiose and spend weeks planning and plotting, and days drawing out the perfect map, and then let it percolate. It's 30 days, start to finish, from vague idea to poorly written descriptions of places to (with any luck) a halfway decent module that's about something that isn't stupid.

This first module is going to be absolute rubbish. It feels like the more I think about it, the more I realize that it's not the direction I want to be going. But that's part of the challenge too, I think- I'm halfway through the month. That's not enough time to start over, even with what little I've already done. Plus, I don't want to waste my really cool idea on a half-month project when I could just finish this kidnapping module thing and then give the full month of love to the other idea.

So I've got to really figure out what I want from this module, and that's a good feeling. Get it right, turn an ok idea into an awesome one, and then we're golden.


  1. Hold the second idea until time is open to use it and focus on getting the original module done. :D Either way, I bet it'll be a good go down into the adventurin' time.

  2. Yeah, it's going to run after my first one.

    The first one is turning out ok- it's ending up being more of a situation as opposed to a ready-to-play thing where here's Goal A and here's Goal B, so go do them, but that's really the sort of module I like anyways, so you can't blame me for making it ;)

    The second one's going to be more linear, but still (hopefully) with some good breakpoints.

    What's really cool is that there's a third idea percolating in the back, but that one's going to be totally off the wall in its design (while still being kind of traditional, more on that later).

    And thanks for your vote of confidence. Gotta love good feedback :)