16 August 2011

How undignified!

Here's a picture of ol' baby Josh getting peeped at by some old creepy people, a cow, some sort of goat/wolf, and somebody who's probably a pedophile since he's hiding halfway behind something (a door to a very narrow room? a curtain for an enormous window? A secret passage built into a mural?) and has what might be the world's creepiest grin.

Little dude doesn't look too comfortable- they really oughta get him some pants before he freezes His divine little toes off. What kind of divine savior only has eight or nine toes?

A lot of early art is extremely creepy, especially right around the time when Christianity came into vogue (so to speak).  See, look at that. We have a bizarre, emaciated-looking Jesus baby being presented to some sort of bearded man, perhaps a king, with a bunch of people once again peeping the naked baby. What is up with that? Did people honestly a) go around showing people their naked newborns and b) did they really not bother to put pants on him? C'mon now, that's the Son of God who is Also Still God and a Holy Ghost (or something, the Trinity stuff always gave me a bit of a headache when you try to reason it out), and you're holding him like he's some sort of doll and handing him off to some lazy-eyed bearded guy?

If I saw something like that, I'd probably call Child Protective Services and let them figure it out. For real, creepy stuff.

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