07 August 2011

Snippet: Techpriests and Inhumanity

I think the reason that techpriests are so evocative is that they're such an uncanny combination. They're both devout priests, extremely intelligent, and ultimately inscrutable. They're mechanical genuises who have managed to calcify knowledge about the world into a somewhat freewheeling religion whose tenets include replacing their human parts with machine parts.

They're deeply inhuman in appearance, and so very human in nature. I think they hold a strange attraction, even as we're repulsed; there really is something appealing about having mechanical arms, improved eyes, and the like. It's just human nature to want to be better than we were before. But, beyond the philosophical question of whether "natural" is "good", is it desireable to have improved body parts that no longer allow you to pass for human?

In gaming news today, I'm going to attempt to play some Microlite 74 and see how it works. Wish me luck! I've more or less abandoned my idea for pre-creating magical items, and replacing it with magical items I'm going to make up as the players decide they want something of the category. Or maybe I'll make some up real quick, write them on index cards, and then go from there. Who knows? I sure don't!

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