05 August 2011

The Monthly Module

I think I mentioned it in another post, but I've decided to start attempting to write (if not release in some marginal fashion, i.e. here) a small adventure module once a month. I've got a couple of reasons for it.

1) The best way to improve is practice
2) The best way to make sure you improve is to tell everybody you know that you're going to improve
3) The best way to get feedback is to let everybody see it
4) The best way to let everybody see it when you're broke (i.e. me) is to put it online in public places and maybe enough passers-by will be interested enough in it to take a look, and maybe out of that tiny percentage, something like 1% will actually try to give me feedback. (THANKS GUYS)

So that's that. My first module's already been through a few permutations, but I've decided it's a blackmail-and-random scheme by some bandits whose motives might not be as simplistic as it seems. The main goal will be to recover the hostage and deal with the bandits, but they're not marauding good time bandits- these guys are people, too, and maybe the PCs have more sympathy with them than with the Duke...

Originally, it was going to feature Cyclops, but then I decided that Cyclops fit into a module about blackmail like the proverbial Cyclops in a module about blackmail. Why would they even bother, what difference does it make, that sort of deal. It doesn't make any sense to have a Cyclops hanging around some, essentially, political dissidents, because Cyclopses probably don't care about politics and having a one-eyed giant around attracts more attention than it probably should to somebody with a legitimate goal. Like you're planning on using more force than is necessary for pretty much anything. I mean, can you imagine? Somebody wants something done, so they bring a giant. How uncouth.

Anyways. You can look forwards to that, monthly. One new adventure. Per month. It'll be fun, it'll get the creative juices flowing again, and, most importantly, gives me a time limit each and every month so that I don't get lazy or lose the flow and say "well, I'll do it later, I guess." That's happened roughly five times in recent memory, and it's getting old. I want to be the kind of guy that has produced something of value, where people would think about using my shit in a world ensconced in shit. I'm not finding a picture for that, sorry.


  1. Good luck. I'm doing the same thing on my blog. I find that nearly fifty percent download it, but I very rarely get play feedback. I get more of that from forums.

  2. I don't currently have an old school game going, but I'm looking forward to reading what you produce!

  3. @Dylan: I've found the same thing: My Servants of Plague got roughly a thousand downloads, and I got almost no feedback. Talk about annoying! I don't mind if you didn't like it, but let me know why! I can't improve if nobody else says anything!

    @David: I appreciate the encouragement. :) It's hard enough to produce anything when nobody seems to care, you know what I mean?

  4. I know *exactly* what you mean!