14 August 2011

Keeping Focused

I can't believe I'm still focused. It feels like this module is putting itself together. There are only a couple of finishing touches- a map (significantly), a cover (so very insignificant that I might decide not to have one at all, since I don't have any art for the module anyways), and maybe a couple of "where do we go from here" touches that I personally like so much.

I mean, a module should be a little burst of creativity- if you're using one, you're probably either starting a campaign or trying something new, a breath of fresh air from somebody else's minds. So that means that maybe you'd like to do it yourself after you're done doing it somebody elses' way and besides, the world isn't static. After you slay the nefarious Ulahwe and save the poor denizens from its torments, what next? That can't possibly be it- and it shouldn't be.

How exactly one would digress on a post explicitly meant to be a quick status update is beyond me.


  1. Keep it going. As far as art is concerned that is always the tricky part. When I did my first published adventure I bought a few mood pieces off of RPGNow to add in. Were they necessary? Probably not. As far as cover art there are a few publishers I can think of right off hand that use no art or only clipart for their cover and they seem to be doing well with it. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  2. Getting some art off of RPGNow is a pretty good idea, actually. I'll have to look into it and see how it works.

    And for cover art, it's definately either going to be appropriate Creative Commons art or nothing at all. I've seen some examples of what you mentioned, and it didn't impede my enjoyment of the module at all. After all, I'm not reading a module for the pretty art, I've got it because of the strong writing and conceptual work within.

    Thanks for the encouragement, by the way. It really means a lot :)