12 August 2011

I want to link this post by Commodore Rients, because it made me have a thought that I think deserves a half-coherent answer.

It hit me right around the end, where he said,"The new Conan movie will probably be crap, too. And I'll probably hate the 3D technology. But judging by the trailer this flick certainly seems to be firing on all cylinders in the sex and violence departments, which is a hell of a lot more important to me than whether Howard was properly aped."

I couldn't possibly agree more, and wouldn't hesitate to expand it to a lot of spheres. When a group stops creating new material and instead starts aping people under the vague impression that it's more important to be "true to the source material" than make something that's totally fucking awesome, you've got a serious problem.

So what if the new Conan movie is a blasphemy against Howard? Why should I care? I love Conan and all, but what's wrong with a Conan-inspired movie about a muscular guy slaying things with a giant sword? I'd watch that thing.

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