01 September 2011

One Month Module #1: Samore's Daughter

So the module's about as finished as it'll ever be. To be honest, it feels like it's not enough, like I aimed too low for the first one. It was interesting, though, writing something with such a definite and inflexible deadline.

I think it turned out ok. It is what it is- a small scenario that you can plunk down in the middle of anywhere. It's not especially violent, it's not especially creative. It's a situation that calls for subtlety and creativity, that allows a lot of DM interpretation.

Honestly, I'm not particularly happy with it. I know there are holes in it. For example, there's no art, not even clip art. There's not a map, although I don't think a map would help very much. There's no list of things you can buy at the city, there's no mention of wizards or dragons or magic. If you play through it right, there probably won't even be any fighting.

Honestly, Samore's Daughter is more of a teaser than an actual module. It's the sort of thing I'd run when nobody's really sure what everybody's supposed to be doing, to get a little bit of action and intrigue going, where the players have to decide whose side they're on and what they're going to do about it, and then you can have a couple of loose end tying sessions and then there you are. Like my other modules, it is extremely short. This one clocks in at around three pages of actual content. But it's not pretentious, and it might even be long for what it is. It makes me think of Dune and a Game of Thrones, in that it's essentially about people moving around, although the way that the module is expressed perhaps doesn't make that clear.

Samore's Daughter isn't without its flaws, but I think it's at the very least a C. It's passable, it's different, and it might even be runnable. Who knows?

Pick up the PDF here.


  1. I'm having trouble with the download, is that just me?

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