03 February 2019

Gervan, Sorcerer



Level 3 Sorcerer

Hit Points: 9
Willpower: 5
AC: 15
Attack: 1

    Seeks power at all costs

    Literate- Gervan can both read and write.
    Familiar- Kronk the raven. Kronk can speak common and knows Shadow Lore. Can fly. Loyal to Gervan, they are magically bonded and always know where the other one is.
    Sorcery- 6 Sorcery Points. Gervan can spend Sorcery points to cast spells.
        Study- Must Study during Rest Phase to recover Sorcery points.
        Rituals- Can use Ritual magic during the Rest Phase.
        Witchsight- Can detect magic at will. Magic has a distinct shimmering color, indescribable to non-sorcerers.
    Red Lore II- Gervan knows Red Lore, and can cast the following spells:
        Power Bolt- 1+.  Can throw a bolt of glowing mystical energy at enemies. Ranged attack. Deals 1d8 per Sorcery Point spent.
        Catsight- 0. At will, can gain Darkvision and Light Sensitivity.
        Barrier- 1+. A field of glowing force surrounds Gervan or a touched ally. It can absorb 1d4 points of damage per Sorcery Point spent before it dissipates.
    Necromancy I-
        Speak with the Dead- Ritual. Can speak to the recently deceased, asking them one question per Sorcery point spent before the magic fades. The dead are under no compulsion to speak the truth.
        Hide from Undead: 0. For one minute, Gervan cannot be seen or smelled or otherwise detected by the undead. Effect ends if Gervan makes an attack.
    Grandfather's Skull- Gervan's grandfather taught Gervan magic from beyond the grave. When he died, his skull was attuned to his bloodline through a dark ritual and so the skull itself talks to Gervan in a hollow, reedy voice. It was louder when he was younger. These days, the skull is very quiet, and Gervan must meditate to get any information whatsoever out of it. Gervan doesn't quite know why.
    Dead Rat- Gervan's discarded this rat multiple times, but it always ends up in his backpack or under his feet, or wherever, just as soon as he thought he'd gotten rid of it. Gervan assumes it's part of some curse he's accumulated, or something.
    Bound Grimoire- This book wants to be opened and read. Unfortunately, it's full of vulgar nonsense.
    Ritual Knife- Doubles as a weapon in a pinch. 1d4 damage, melee. Light. Throwable.
    The Duke's Permission- Gervan is a licensed sorcerer, with permission to practice from the Duke.
    Quill and Ink- Kronk is a good messenger and will carry small belongings to and from Gervan's contacts.
    Bag of Bone Dust- An important ingredient in Necromancy rituals.


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