04 August 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is your author Nick Wright's birthday, Happy birthday man!

Tonight we will celebrate over beer and pretzels with a few friends over a good game.

His birthday is bringing back memories of the first time we ever played an RRG together. He found this old Basic edition book that we no doubt mangled to death (BECMI 2 I'm told), but it didn't matter because we were young and we were having fun. That one chance discovery turned into a huge part of our lives. I wonder how different our lives would be had we never found this tome. We eventually branched out and began to play other games, began to understand the system, and began to have even more fun. 

So I thank him for all the great years of roleplaying, and for being the best brother and Dungeon Master in the world.

I love you, man. Here's to many more years!

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