14 August 2010

The V2 Dungeon Map: First Draft

The Louvre should be calling any day now.
This is the first draft of the V2: Dark Skies Above Us dungeon. It's made in the medium of crayon on lined notebook paper. It's a little known fact, but Monet was an advocate of this medium, and often insisted on doodling in crayon before painting directly over the waxy drawing. I dunno, he scraped it off or something, don't ask me.

Just thought you guys might be interested in looking at it. The "S" designates a secret door, and the lines designate passageways. The entire complex is built out of the local stone, probably granite although I haven't decided, seeing as how a little more research on rock formations is going to be necessary. Hopefully for the rough draft I can at least remember to draw on unlined paper, right?  How will the crayon-drawers amongst us be taken seriously when we're held back by the distinctly amateurish blue and red lines on our paper?


  1. Actually I have seen some amazing American Indian art on blue and red lined notebook paper. My favorite is some Comache art drawn in a goverment issue record book stolen from a Kansas fort in the 1860's. Amazingly enough my place of work had some identical record books (sans Indian) in the office supply cabinet.

  2. I did not know that, but that's seriously cool.