15 August 2010

Aremorican Addendum: Vol. 1 Released!

Another Labyrinth Lord supplement by
your friend, N. Wright
Today is the day I'm releasing the Aremorican Addendum Volume 1: Player Option. It's a roughly 30 page document that gets you, roughly,  three new spellcasting systems, 9 classes, weapon and armor tables, and a little bit more.

Quick blurb:

"These classes are designed with the idea of replacing the regular default classes from Labyrinth Lord in my next game of Labyrinth Lord. The idea is a long-percolating one, coming from the long-standing dissatisfaction of race-as-class, not for whatever reason dealing with the idea that not all elves are fighter/magic users, for example, but for the fact that it is more fun to have the dwarf class represent a dungeoneer. Why let the fun demi-human classes go to waste just because one habitually runs a humans-only game? And what about the other classes, while we're thinking about it? Something always seemed funny about the thief class, and why is there a cleric class but none for the regular robed and fragile priest, and why are all magic users the same... You get the drift.

So out of the Unknowable Void comes the Aremorican Addendum Volume 1: Player Option, the only Labyrinth Lord companion piece you'll ever need, assuming that you only need one companion for your Classic Fantasy Games and their retro-clones. You'll need that game to play, to be sure, but when it comes to choosing a class, feel free to ditch it and look here. You'll find rules for mage-seeking warriors, demonologists, elemental summoners, crusading knights, and more. It's everything you need for a human-centric game that doesn't lose anything by losing out on boring, trite, and overused demihumans."

So, in a nutshell, it gives you 9 new classes in 30 pages, including spell lists. It runs a little wordy, but has plenty of period-accurate art inside to break up the double-column text. And, as a big bonus, it gets rid of fire-and-forget magic and introduces a couple of ways to destroy the "15-minute adventuring day" as well. It's free, and, if I may speak honestly, not a bad work for Labyrinth Lord fans. Volume 2 will likely contain more in the way of hex maps, locations, organizations, and possibly more advanced spells, being aimed at a sort of Dungeon Master's Guide to Aremorica.

Please note that this is an early version; no extensive playtesting has been run through this bad boy like it really deserves, so feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes!

Get your copy today, before the internet runs out!

8 SEP 2010:
Update time! Added more spells to the Diabolist lists, updated the mechanics for Sorcerers and Abjurers, and changed Crusaders from having Abjurer prayers to their own style of Invocations! Not bad, right? It's still free, and still less than thirty pages, so try it out and see what you think!


  1. Downloading now! Thanks for the LL material!

  2. Wow! I would have paid for that! Good work!

  3. @ Everybody: Feel free to leave feedback, especially in ways that it could be improved. Constructive feedback is the best gift you can give any writer, you know. :)