12 August 2010

RPG Flowchart

This from DWD Studios' blog.

First, visit the link:

Although it's labelled "Old School RPG Flowchart" that sounds like a new-school RPG flowchart to me. Combat, combat, then some more combat. Oooh, a treasure parcel! Then, back to combat, combat, combat...

I'd like to get your attention on the beautiful character sheet that they've produced- for that, I can excuse the obvious mis-interpretation of our beloved game. ;)


  1. While I agree with the misinterpretation, combat is surely easier on me in old school games than in 4e where I ponder exactly which infinite use ability I have is slightly better against the opponent I am fighting. Especially after my brain has melted.

  2. Yeah, those infinite use abilities are a stumbling point for me in 4e too. Thanks for pointing out this website for us.