08 August 2010

Open Call: Atlanta FLGS

I'm (relatively) new to the Altanta, Georgia area. Does anybody know of any good FLGSes in the area, or of any groups that need a player or two or, hell, a group of people looking for a new DM? I've been hankering to get outside of my usual "comfort zone", if you will, and game with some new people. As much as I love gaming with the people that I've been gaming with for however long it's been, I'm sure you guys know the feeling.

Despite the tone on my blog, I'm game-neutral and would be just as happy to play Pathfinder or some White Wolf silliness as good 'ol basic D&D.


  1. Back when I lived in ATL in the late 80's/early 90's, the Sword and the Phoenix was good. Apptly, it went out of business a few years ago, tho. :-(

    Some folks recommend:

    Oxford Comics & Games
    2855 Piedmont Road
    Atlanta, GA

    I always liked Oxford Books' normal stores, though they got pounded later by the mega-chains like B&N. Don't know that I ever went to the comics one (maybe it wasn't around then).

  2. I'll try the Oxford- I actually have driven past it, and thought it was just a comic shop. Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Also, I'm sorry about your loss. When I lived in Michigan, the same thing happened with one of my favorite places to go get Magic cards (It was that long ago.) They had this big box of old commons and uncommons and you could scoop them up for absurdly low prices. But then they disappeared...

  3. If you are in the northern suburbs, you should check out Dr. No's.


  4. I have been in the Atlanta area for almost a year. (From Chicago, originally) There is a spot called the Raven's Nest that seemed to be ok- although it seemed they were newly opened and working on their inventory.