17 August 2010

Hamingston and the History of Our Game

I think one of the most important aspects of roleplaying is the character creation process. I probably think that because of the experience Ive had playing for many years with my good friend and your author, Mister Wright. We have always had me and him, but who wants to play a RPG with one other person? That elusive third person would show up from time to time and we would game.

But by the next time we met #3 again, we managed to either lose the character sheets or forget what we were doing anyway. So we would reroll, and reroll again the next time. Which isn't a bad thing unless you have some sort of byzantine rule system to try out, or have to write down all those silly powers (I'm lookin at you 4e).

Muttonchops included.
But it really is something when you find a system that you can take a little bit to make a character, then get the details in what we are all here for, which is roleplaying, and not making characters. I think it goes without saying that I have made many, many characters over the years. I have an image and a name that I usually use, for convenience sake. The character I play is how I would really act (with some exceptions) in that world. Given that I don't see a need to develop pages upon pages of back history for my character, he is what I have been roleplaying for so many years.


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  1. Everybody, give a warm welcome to T. Hamingston, the newest other guy on my blog.

    Also, does anybody have any idea how to attribute the posts? I can't get it to say "written by X" near the end of the posts.