22 June 2012


 No real content today- nothing about The Odds Are Against You, being a Dungeon Master, ONI PUNCHER, no theories, no complaining, no nothing.

Just a picture of a chimera, because they're one of the coolest mythological creatures that doesn't get any love. Sure, people fucking love elves and dragons and stuff, or even goblins or orcs, but never chimeras. Even the Minotaur gets love, and it was just the one guy, once, that somehow got turned into a semi-intelligent race of native american analogues! But whatever.

This picture is from the God of War digital artbook. It got a lot of things screwy about mythology, but it got the actual mythology part fairly correct. Things look like they should, feel like they should, and generally act convincing, and that's really all you can ask for in an action game.


  1. For you!



  2. oddly enough the indoeuropean root for chimera is mer- which is the same root for goblin...