17 June 2012

Dreams of Aftermath

I had another dream about zombies last night, but it was a peaceful dream, oddly enough. It was a dream of the aftermath of zombies, of learning to survive through hiding, running, and generally being cannier than the other zombies. It was a dream of stewardship, and of patience. 

For example, I needed a thing from an electronics store. I needed to get something off of one old device I had, and onto another. You know how dreams can be- what's important at first is the goal, and then before you know it you've been looking for so long the search is all that matters and you almost forget exactly why you're doing what you're doing. 

In this case, I went with my brother to the store, and my father was opposed because it was a waste of gas. They were probably all taken up by now, and besides, it'd draw attention to our hideout in the wrecked building we'd created hiding holes and sneaky spots in. But I wouldn't listen. 

I ran out to our old car, but he was right- zombies. By this time, we'd long since run out of ammunition for weapons, so I didn't bother. I just picked up a rather thick stick and smacked the zombies around. These were Romero zombies, the slow, lumbering kind, so it wasn't so bad. 

I got to the store and it was mostly looted, but it was ok, because there were houses near here. Even though the sun was setting, they looked mostly undisturbed, which meant maybe the looters had left most of the things around. My brother decided to stay with the car. I decided to forge onwards.

I'll abbreviate the rest: I found where the Canadian army was offering extradition to safe Canada in exchange for enlistment in their foreign legion. I was tempted, but decided against it. What would my family do without me? And besides, I hadn't told anybody that I was going. But I did find a woman there, who started talking to me. She was charming, and she seemed to like me just fine, so we explored the dilapidated houses together. She lived near there but I couldn't stay, so we parted ways and I went back to the house to try and improve it. Materials were hard to come by. It was stressful- my father wanted us to stay safe, but I wanted to live in a better place, so we argued a little. I don't know who won.

Remind me not to live in the total collapse of society.


  1. That sounds like a pretty awesome dream.

    I've always liked taking dreams and using them as inspiration for running a campaign. My dreams tend to be very goal oriented and the encounters that get in my way make the dream so disorientating. I like trying to replicate that so the main objective remains obfuscated for as long as possible.

    1. That's actually a really good idea. I don't think I've tried implementing the confusion and switching objectives thing in an actual game- but I bet it'd be really awesome in the right frame!