14 September 2011


If you weren't aware, there is currently a Flat Earth Society in America, today. I'm not kidding. No, seriously. Look it up. They're bio-luminescent crustaceans that make the Moon glow because it's certainly not a sphere illuminated by the reflected light of the sun, no way! That's absurd, because the universe revolves around the Earth, the Earth is a flat disk ringed by enormous ice walls, and the Sun is a flat, glowing disk illuminated by, I presume, Sun Shrimp.

I actually sat down and wrote some setting material for a D&D-styled world of broken shit and forests with a lot of elements from the Flat Earth society, specifically the sillier ones because the difference between silliness and high fantasy is in presentation. If I told you that orcs sprung up from the mud because a crazy wizard needed an army post-haste and so he magicked one out of the ground and then armed them in, essentially, sharp boomerangs with hooks, you'd either be rolling your eyes or realizing that I just paraphrased the Lord of the Rings. Again.

I think this next module (which is probably going to be longer than one month, unless I make this month's product a supplement of some sort and totally cheat) is going to be set in the world I'm inventing, because I'm nothing if not inconsistent.

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  1. That's why I love religious tracts: those guys take their world-building seriously, and it all has to "make sense" according to some internally-defined standard.