04 September 2011


The squonk is a real-life "monster" that apparently is so ugly that it spends most of its time hiding and crying. If you catch one, it can turn into a puddle of tears and bubbles and evade capture. It apparently exists in the forests of Pennsylvania, although it's hard to imagine a creature with such existential angst would make it very far in the world.

Regardless, I think that squonks will feature in the next thing I write. There's something about these warthog-like doofus things that's got a lot of pathos.


  1. Heh. Quite an original idea! Wonder what will come out.. :)

    call Sri Lanka

  2. I love the squonk! I wrote one up and posted it a while back. So far the PCs have only heard crying in the distance though - they've even brazenly crashed through underbrush and woods looking for the source but the dice said it disappeared. I hope to keep tormenting them with it from time to time.