12 September 2011

Good God, it's been a minute

As I type these words, the taste of Green Onion potato chips lingers in my mouth. The crumbs are still on my pants. (What, you think I'm gonna let that crud get in my keyboard?) It's a bizarre taste, but one that isn't all that horrible.

I haven't made any progress on my module this month, but I expect that to change. I've started a workout regimen, changed my sleep schedule, and started to freelance write with more dedication. I've been busy trying to cocoon it up so that when I start feeling better, it'll be awesome.

Life goes in those little up and down cycles, although sometimes I suspect that mine are higher and lower than they have any right to be.

Anyways, expect some cool things coming from here. My mind's been percolating. Keep an eye on this space...

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