07 July 2010

Pocket Mod: Use Them

Recently my gaming has improved tremendously. How?

Introducing Pocket Mod. It's basically a piece of paper folded a couple of times to make a miniature booklet. The cool part is that you can customize it. I've taken to printing them out and using them to record the dungeons I make up during gameplay, and also to make a little cheat-booklet of the monsters I plan on using, as well as some ideas for traps and pitfalls and whatnot. The notes will probably get distilled into a short adventure module which will undergo serious revising and then get posted here and various other places.

But the point is about the Pocket Mods. Try printing one, and see if you can't think of a thousand uses for it.

Sorry for sounding like a shill, but it's really fairly cool.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this tip. I'll definitely look into the use of the pocket mod.

    Word Varification is: sized. Isn't that odd?