29 July 2010

Finishing the Plague Orcs

Enough slacking for me. Temple of the Plague Orcs is, and has been, nearing completion for a good, long while now and there's really no reason that it isn't done already. Sure, there isn't a map for it yet, but that's not really much of an excuse. AutoRealm is a passable dungeonmapper, if you can get it to work, and it's the only one that has a deep enough feature set. I'm also tinkering with the possibility of simply drawing it by hand? Maybe, and maybe not.

The module's only a couple of months overdue and it probably would never be finished if not for the idea for the next module to come out, the one about the icy ridge and the yeti and the artifact. Much more exciting than a run-down castle filled with decayed and half-mad pigmen, don't you think?


I know, today's got a boring update. "Oh, wow", you think irritably, "an update to a module I'll probably only glance over cursorily? First off, rude. Secondly, it's good practice for somebody who never finishes what he starts to try and complete something, even if it's only so that he can get to something else. One of the hardest things to do in this world is to finish what you've started after it's stopped being fun and started being boring, arduous work. It's a trial, it's boring, and it's difficult to get the little things right after having great fun making easy, broad strokes of "Hey, lets do something with ruins," and "Hey, let's make orcs a little different," et cetera. But figuring out the layout, and the fonts, and the exact wording, and playtesting, and so on and so forth is not only hard work, it's damn arduous.

That said, I'm currently looking for fonts so as I can put my layout into KolourPaint (the most intuitive paint application I've used on any platform, let alone Ubuntu) and make it shine. I'm not liking the faux-retro look that I've currently got going on, but it's a crapshoot as to what else to do. Hopefully an idea will present itself while I'm working on it. Suggestions, as always, are welcome.


  1. I like the look of the cover of your adventure. I'd say keep the cover, proof read it and publish it, then you can get on with your next project. Good luck too.

  2. I think I'll put both of the cover styles I'm considering (the old bd&d-style and then the ad&d-style) on here and see what people think.

    The ad&d style is a little slicker and works better with the darker colors, but the od&d style fits with the red stripe. Either way, the blue color may get changed to a tan color, or the stripe may end up as something else, or somewhere else. It needs a little more time put into it before it'll be done.