16 September 2010

Mutant Future

I've been feeling a particularly strong Mutant Future itch. Something in my head tells me that we're going to need to have gangs of animal/man hybrids armed with Road-Warrior style armor and weapons, fighting over what few resources remain in the former United States of America after the results of a worldwide extinction caused by a meteor shower of radioactive rocks that slammed directly into the polar ice caps which resulted in severe flooding and unbalanced the earth's rotation. Also made the moon all crushed up, like in that 2002 Time Machine movie. Cause it hit the moon, and then chunks of moon and radioactive crap hit the earth. Or something.

Anyways, I'm picturing something like Water World meets Road Warrior meets the Time Machine, except possibly better than that sounds, with some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style animal-men (like Goatmen and Spider-Men and Snail-Men) and, essentially, whatever other craziness sounds good to graft onto it.

Maybe mash some alien invasions, communist scare stuff (A la Red Dawn), and we can paint a picture of a mankind that didn't get to the moon and halt, but managed to expand our empires onwards into space. The Cold War didn't quite end yet, so it was Capitalism on one side of the moon, and Communism on the other, and it was the spaceship battles that doomed mankind. Initially, it was small, crude spaceships battling each other with whatever weapons the scientists could devise- initially "space-versions" of conventional weapons, designed to work even in the vacuum of space, but gradually turning into bizarre nuclear-powered devices, such as the death-rays and heat rays and crude particle accelerators.

Hell, we could even say that the ever-increasing size of the spaceships is what doomed humanity, since the blasted bits would no longer burn up on re-entry, but would rather slam into earth and spread radioactive waste across the ground and into the water, poisoning men and destroying forests and crushing cities. With enough people devastated and the governments nearly bankrupt from funding enormous, elaborate space battles, anarchy would ensue and good old-fashioned lawlessness on a global scale would complete the catastrophe.
Road Warriors everywhere rejoiced.
The game would take place a couple of thousand years into this nastiness, so that humanity has had time to metamorphose into mutants and all of that good stuff. Where radioactive spaceship parts have landed, the denizens are provided with nuclear power (in most cases) but the severe leak combined with the bizarre technology has transformed them into hideous mutants. They live in decadent mock-cities, with the pure human outcasts wanting nothing to do with them.

Or something. This has all been a gigantic brainstorm, and we'll see what sticks.

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