06 September 2010

Invocations is Cool, Or, Love What You Write

By the Left Bicep of Crom, I'll kill that... whatever that is!
How often are you excited by what you write yourself? Right now, I'm excited about Invocations.

Invocations are my way of making Crusaders have a taste of divine magic without making them clerics. God, how boring are clerics? Hey guys, I'm a good warrior, wear armor, level fast, and am the only guy who can heal? Pf, showoff.

But anyways, Invocations are what let your crusader shout stuff and get rewarded for it. "By Zeus' Beard, I will smite thee, demons!", or "By the Black Staff of Amnomnos-Za, I will bedevil you!" It accomplishes two main goals of mine in the Aremorican Addendum.

1) It makes every class have a different mechanic, sort of. In other words, the exact opposite of the general trend of samey-classes because everybody needs to be equally good at everything at all times otherwise nobody is having fun. 

2) It means that you better goddamn believe that at the table if you want to get the benefits of the Rage invocation, you better say, if not shout, something about being angry and how your god will lay a holy fucking smackdown on that orc over there. Like I said, shout. Your crusader is flying off the handle, yelling at everybody he sees because that's what religious people do. Ever seen that YouTube video about the God Warrior? Here's the link. That's your Crusader. "HE'S NOT A FOLLOWER OF YLETH-HMOR YOU MUST DIE!" Seriously, try it out when you're a Crusader. If you don't have 100% more fun being an insane God Warrior, then I'll eat this blog post.

Pictured: Hilarious
Put in more concise terms, that's Let Players Be Different and Encourage Silliness. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not really that serious of a guy. If you're not having a good time doing whatever it is you're doing, then that's really not good. I'm no fan of the Rule of Cool, but that doesn't mean that you can't find regular, everyday stuff Cool. The problem with the Rule is that it's horribly misused by people who think that the Rule of Cool should be capitalized, and that stuff should be capitol-C cool instead of "dude, kickass, you just gutted that orc. His guts are all on that blade and now you're kind of smelly," and you look over and the dude across from you is laughing because how goddamn rediculous is it that now you smell bad because you attacked some guy and, hey look, we used silliness to break the ice, move the game away from the game-world into our shared imaginary space, and now we're having fun instead of trying out out-cool each other. Everybody wins, unless you have to capitol-w "Win", and then you lose.

My bad.

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