11 September 2010

The 9/11 Generation

Found this while searching for images of 9/11 to place on my blog. From http://www.redplanetcartoons.com/index.php/2007/07/:

The following quote is from this site.

In the 1960s, history called the Baby Boomers. They didn’t answer the phone.
Confronted with a generation-defining conflict, the cold war, the Boomers–those, at any rate, who came to be emblematic of their generation–took the opposite path from their parents during World War II. Sadly, the excesses of Woodstock became the face of the Boomers’ response to their moment of challenge. War protests where agitated youths derided American soldiers as baby-killers added no luster to their image.
Few of the leading lights of that generation joined the military. Most calculated how they could avoid military service, and their attitude rippled through the rest of the century. In the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, military service didn’t occur to most young people as an option, let alone a duty.
But now, once again, history is calling. Fortunately, the present generation appears more reminiscent of their grandparents than their parents…

Thanks, Baby Boomers, for recessions, depressions, cold and hot wars, Iran-Contra scandals, hippies, yuppies, the war on drugs, the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, everything. Thanks for the 9/11 attacks, guys. Read the article. Do it.

Have a moment of silence today, if not for the dead, then for all the dead in the years to follow because of our government's decision to use a terrorist act to invade a couple of countries that may or may not be involved with this terror group. And if not for that, then at least have a moment of silence for the day that American people realized that there's an entire world out there, and they're not all friendly.

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