30 March 2013


I want to like you, dude. Seriously, I want to like you so bad. You show me these barren slavic wastelands and rifles and toxic barrels and mysterious anomalies and I say to you "Yes! I want to play that! Let me come over there and play that."

And you give me guns that can't hit a man twenty yards away with ten bullets. You give me enemies that walk past me twice, then spin around and slaughter me with two bullets. You give me enemies that can see (and shoot) me through walls. You give me the horrible voice acting, and the oddly ineffectual bullets and you know what, enough is enough.

I'm sorry, STALKER, but I think we're done here.

I really wanted to like you. If I play you again (and I will), I'm going to mod you until you finally are playable. Why I have to do that, I have no idea. Why they released a game that was half-playable and completely ridiculously unfinished, I have no idea.

Until then, my Russian friend.

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