12 March 2013


Sometimes I wonder if it could get any dumber. If mass-market video games have reached their nadir.

And then I see this.

How is this a thing? Did they string together words and then make the single most bland advertisement ever on purpose? What's next? SNIPER DEATH WARRIOR? Or maybe the beloved SNIPER GHOST: WARFIGHTER. I'm thinking "DEATH WARRIOR: SNIPER OPS" could be the next big hit.

Look, guys. If you want the Call of Duty crowd that's fine, but if you're aiming a little higher, you might want to tone down the machismo. There are people that like realistic military simulations, and there are people who like to be Sniper Ghost Assassins. You need to pick one, and stick with it.

Although looking at the title, it seems like they've already picked.

1 comment:

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