01 April 2013

Win Conditions

There oughta be a card game where the only win conditions are written on the cards. Like this guy here; the game should revolve around what you want it to revolve around.

If you were running Azor's Elocutors, for example, you'd be all about protecting these guys. It'd pretty much be your main mission to guard them with everything you have, packing plenty of counter spells and weaving lots of charms over them to make sure that your enemies didn't get the chance to do anything to interrupt your win condition.

But what if they're running something like Hellkite Tyrant?

Now you see where I'm going with this.

I'm thinking there'd have to be a couple of card types; and there'd have to be a lot more interaction between card removal and prevention of removal, and then some rules on how creatures interact (because in Magic, for example, you can't directly attack a creature), but I think it'd be interesting. Maybe not as long-lived as Magic the Gathering, but it's entirely possible that it'd be a decent shared deck game, or as a customizeable "Living Card Game" type thing.

Maybe I oughta mock up some rules sometime.

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