30 April 2011


I'm currently listening to Sleep's album/song Dopesmoker while I get this fuzz out of my head. No, I am not smoking dope, thank you for asking.

The last thing you want to do is drink a lot of caffeine before you go to sleep. It never fails- I'll stay up late playing video games and drink some mountain dew or espresso to squeeze the last fifteen to thirty minutes out of my brain before it tries to fall out of my ears, but caffeine can only do so much, so I lay down to go to sleep.

Now that we're finally laying down, we're not tired. Me and my brain, that is. I browse the internet on my laptop until I'm falling asleep at the computer, then I put it down and snooze, finally. But my brain's not done having fun just yet.

In my subconcious I'm screaming and running. I'm a barbarian swordsman and I'm trying to slay an enchantress because I'm immune to her black arts but my friend distracts me long enough for her to stab an enchanted dagger into my back and when she removes it, I'm a stone statue at his place.

I'm cleaning out my old house and I find an ancient cassette player and I'm listing off all of these great bands that I used to have, and then I find the collection! And I'm so excited to hear from these bands again and the nostalgia hits in. I've always loved all of thses bands, why did I ever stop listening to them? And I find all these old things that I used to love, and they're all so cool and you can't even get things like this any more!

I'm gardening and I come across this plant and it totally gets you high so I hide it but it's in this floppy plastic gardening thing and I plant it behind the guard shack because for some reason I live in the Navy Operational Support Center I used to drill at (complete with barbed-wire fence, giant anchor for a lawn decoration, and automated codebox to open the gate). I hide it under a plastic bag but by the time I go to plant it, it's all withered away and yellowy, and I'm suddenly distracted because I forgot something.

Moral of the story: Drink no more caffeine before bed unless you want to wake up tired because you've been running around the world in your dreams.

(Side Note: I'm totally giving D&D fighters a bonus to save vs spells because the idea is so cool.)


  1. Fun stuff! I drink about two cups of coffee each morning, but if I have any soda after 2pm I can't get to sleep at night, not so fun stuff...

  2. I was deployed with a Chief-Select (I know he's a Chief now, but I just can't think of him that way) who was the same way. He drank all kinds of coffee in the morning but that was it for caffeine.

    I was going to post more dreams on this site, but I figured that nobody wants to hear about my navel-gazing. Maybe if I had it on a separate part of this thing...