23 October 2010

Mail Bikinis

What really gets me here is that sullen looking dwarf. Sure, there's a fairly "well-endowed" woman in a mail bikini, but he's only moderately interested.

Maybe he'd be more interested if she got him another beer instead of waving those arrows in his face and getting grit in his brew?

I also like that little spiky hat. And the spear on his back.

It makes sense to me that tiny people would carry spears, especially when you consider that human-sized people carried confusingly long spears against our human-sized adversaries, and we didn't even really have to. I'm thinking about the sarissa, naturally, which formed the backbone of the army that Alexander used to conquer an altogether enormous chunk of the world, especially considering that nearly none of it wanted to be conquered and that Alexander was using a more or less traditional army. Sure, he could speed around the world on horseback and bring his elephants but his poor phalanxes would be left in the dust. And what's a conqueror without his phalanx?

But I digress.

Enjoy the image.


  1. Funny stuff and you didn't even scratch the surface of the Chainmail Bikini issue.

  2. @Chris: Perhaps another day, I will explore this mystery.