20 April 2014

The Sacred Rites of Bastet

Admit it, you giggled.

It's weird that people have this solemn view of religions, especially in the ancient world, where life wasn't so goddamn serious all the time. The gods played tricks on each other, and got drunk, and goofed off. Zeus was notorious in Greek myth for not actually doing his job, spending most of his time avoiding his wife and trying to have affairs, and Enki (the Sumerian god) was the god of crafts, sea and lake water, creation... and mischief. Ninkasi was the Sumerian god of alcohol and "satifying desires. It's hard to imagine that the priests of a god of sex and booze would solemnly march and chant down stone halls the way people imagine priests doing today.

Imagine if modern priests goofed off like that. It'd be a revolution in religion!

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