26 February 2014

Random Class Generation is Fun

I dunno about  you but these are some awesome-ass classes. Might run a quick game of Risus or Donjon and require that people play these classes and these classes only- when your character dies, you roll up a new one and figure out how to re-enter the scene with whatever method you prefer.

When all the characters are dead (or they win the objective, whichever comes first, I guess), then the game is over and everybody wins! Yay for winning!

Questions for inspiration:
  1. What is the Chill Driver driving?
  2. There are three trout-based classes; a fish cult?
  3. Iguanas are an element
  4. The cornsmith makes me think of these guys from Adventure Time
  5. Basil Hooligan sounds like almost too much fun, holy crap
  6. What are these guys all after, anyways?

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