18 February 2014

Glorious Tibet

Instead of doing anything productive, I've been playing EU4 as Tibet. Let me tell you something about Tibet- it's probably in the single worst position possible. To my west is a semi-unified Indian subcontinent, full of high basetax provinces of a culture I don't accept and largely containing two religions I am intolerant of.

Further west, of course, are the Timurids, who are going to turn into the Mughals and start conquering as much of India as they can get their hands on. They're giving Russia and the Ottomans a run for their money for #1 military power. And of course, Kathiawar and Orissa aren't super friendly, either, and they want my territory. Doesn't matter that I haven't done anything to them for generations, or that I've been focusing on Pegu/Ayutthaya to them.

To my east is Ming, who has so many people that it's not even worth mentioning. They might be a little behind in tech but holy shit there are so many of them. The only reason I have the two provinces of theirs is because they declared war on Ayutthaya, who is allied with Pegu, and so I declared war on them, too. I'm allied with Oirat Horde and Korea, and between the five of us we barely managed to eke out anything positive. It was gruesome. My manpower went from full to totally depleted and their military was four or five levels behind!

When I figure out how, I'll copy over the images stored on the Steam cloud and write up an after-action report. I'm probably doomed; this image is from a long while ago, when Tibet still had a chance. Events have changed. Tibet does not have much of a chance anymore.

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