05 December 2011

Fantasy Warriors (Wargame)

Has anybody played this? I found the PDF rules online, and it looks to be fairly decent. My girlfriend will be coming down in a week or so (she's about half a country away), and I think it might be fun to play a little game with her.

She's a lot of fun to play with- she's extremely competitive and hates to lose, so I'm always sure to get a great game out of her. She does suffer a bit from being impulsive and angry when she starts losing, whereas yours truly is more of a patient mastermind type- I'll lose one unit here to put you in a bad position, so I can flank you here and smash this into this...

But yeah. I thought maybe this would be a little better than Warhammer, since I really don't want to buy any of the new books, or have to buy $100 worth of minis and a $30 book to be able to play a force that's anywhere near the rules Games Workshop presents. I want to use what I have, and what I have are little squads of Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Ogres, Goblins, Orcs, and Humans. I want to be able to use them all together, decide why they're working together, and then call it a day as we crack some heads. If Fantasy Warriors can bring me this, I'm a happy clam.

The link to the free PDF of the rules follows: http://www.mirliton.it/fantasy-warriors-rules.php


  1. I used to have that-only played it once or twice.

    However, Sirlarkins of The RPG Corner used to play FW quite a bit with his lady. I'm sure there are batreps on his blog and you could solicit his opinion directly.

    his email:dlarkins78[at]gmail[dot]com

    blog address: http://shirosrpg.blogspot.com/

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  2. Every little bit helps, and I appreciate it! I'll scour his archives and see what the gentleman thinks about it.

  3. Played it some, and liked the rules enough to buy the expansion booklet, but now my tastes are much more spartan -- give me HOTT for mass battles. The game game with lots of counters, although you could improvise easy enough if you want.
    It ma not have been all that innovative compared to historical wargames (I really don't know) but it was the first fantasy game I saw that had serious command & control rules -- orders, messengers, etc.
    I would honestly go with something simpler for skirmishes ... like the GW Lord of the Rings, or the Heritage Heroes & Wizards (still available as a pdf or scan at the Heritage minis yahoo group). H&W I have not actually tried but it looks very easy and flexible.

  4. erm, "the game CAME with lots of counters"...

    Another thing I liked about the rules, besides the orders, was that you had limited ammunition for archers. That must have been a design reaction to Warhammer, which had several armies with archers so powerful it was well neigh impossible to get close to them...

  5. Kings of War is both awesome and free